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Buchvold Investment

Buchvold investment is an independent wealth management firm working in the sphere of investment, legally registered in Norway under business number "930126322". Our whole team is passionate in the pursuit of our mission.

We plan meticulously, combining our leading financial expertise with inspirational thinking to deliver a fully personalised service. We build lasting relationships, underpinned by mutual understanding, trust and commitment.

We are a highly experienced, diverse team of chartered professionals and investment managers with over 50 years of combined relevant experience. We are driven by a desire to help our partners create a life they love. Our staff are selected not only on the basis of their intelligence and the attention they pay to detail, but also for their ability to build empathetic relationships with you, our partners.

We are immensely proud of the loyalty that we inspire in our partners and of their satisfaction with our services. Almost all of our new business is referral-led – referred to us by both existing partners, our professional connections and even a number of prestigious financial firms.

We take no half measure, when it comes to delivering on our words and relating to partners.

Our dedicated and experienced investment team adopts a structured and disciplined approach to the way in which it builds portfolios for our clients. We have a distinct preference for long-term investing and our investment philosophy is underpinned by the notion of growth with capital preservation. We also value the benefits of having a well diversified portfolio in terms of asset class, sector and geography.

Our boutique size is a distinct advantage – it gives us a certain agility while increasing the range of investment opportunities available to us. Indeed, our investment track record compares extremely favourably with those of our larger competitors.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of the confidence we have in what we do is that our interests are aligned with your own: the Buchvold investment team has significant personal assets invested in funds alongside our partners.